Transition Program.

The Ministry of Education in Haiti provides very little financial support to public education, leaving the private sector primarily responsible for investing in education. While there have been some educational program improvements, many problems remain. There is insufficient funding, lack of teacher qualification, and very little access to educational material. These issues lead to a drop of about 77% attendance in primary education to 25% attendance in secondary education. High school graduation rates are so low, statistics are non-existent. Many of those who do graduate can't afford the financial strain of a university or trade school education in combination with the costs of daily living. Employment opportunity is also minimal. For some even with a high school or university degree, jobs can be hard to come by.


In addition to supporting the educational and personal needs of the children at the Good Samaritan homes, AWAKENHAITI desires to look to their future. We have created a transition program in order to assist the children in reaching their full potential and to become successful independent adults. We hope this in turn helps break Haiti's pervasive cycle of poverty as the children move into adulthood.


We hope to achieve this through scholarship opportunities for post-secondary university or professional/trade schooling as well as training in the areas of life skills, professionalism, becoming great employee candidates and Christian faith. It is our belief that as we help develop the students into educated, well-rounded adults, employment opportunities will be available, thus tackling poverty one life at a time.


We are committed to giving each student opportunity to reach their full potential in Christ and to become successful adults who give back to their communities. We would love for you to partner with us! We hope together, we can make a difference in the lives of the Good Samaritan children, young adults, and in Haiti!


To see the students currently in the AWAKENHAITI transition program, visit the Current Transition Students page.


If you would like to know more about supporting the transition program please email [email protected]


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