Transforming Lives

AWAKENHAITI is passionate about creating opportunities for individuals to experience and serve the people of Haiti. Over the years, we have discovered that the raw faith displayed by Haitians changes the lives of those who visit. Many who have traveled with us expected to serve and give, but returned having received so much more.


AWAKENHAITI is a ministry that desires to challenge people and stretch their faith. While leaving the comfort of “normal” life and stepping into the uncomfortable space of a different culture without all of the distractions life brings, we hope that eyes would be open, ears would hear, and hearts would be touched in a way that challenges each person to return with a willingness to meet needs and love others in a greater way in their own school, work place and community.


AWAKENHAITI trips may include:

  1. Visiting the Good Samaritan children and young adults
  2. Day trips with the Good Samaritan children
  3. Providing medical or dental care for the Good Samaritan children
  4. Mentoring the Good Samaritan transition students
  5. Light construction/maintenance on the Good Samaritan homes
  6. Providing community medical or dental care
  7. Community construction projects
  8. Community leadership development
  9. Prayer support and spiritual guidance
  10. Disaster or emergency relief



Please visit our Calendar of events page for upcoming trips


For more information about taking a short-term trip to Haiti, visit the short term mission trips page or email:  [email protected]



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