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A cornerstone of AWAKENHAITI's ministry is providing aid to orphans and foster children through the Good Samaritan Ministries. Good Samaritan is owned and directed by Haitians, Max and Margarette Cazeau. Good Samaritan Ministries has been in existence since 1997 and now operates a girls' home and a boys' home, and also supports several children and young adults in the surrounding community.


AWAKENHAITI began a relationship with Good Samaritan in 2008 with child sponsorship to help offset educational fees. Today, in our partnership with the Cazeau's & Good Samaritan, we focus on supporting the children in the areas of education, daily needs, spiritual development, and family.


The Good Samaritan Girls Home houses fifteen girls while the Good Samaritan Boys Home is home to eleven boys. The children in the homes come from various backgrounds and situations such as poverty, loss of one or both parents, abuse, child slavery, or abandonment. Our hope for each child while in the homes is that they learn to receive and extend love, acceptance, and grace.


AWAKENHAITI partners with Good Samaritan Ministries to connect people in North America with children in Haiti to help meet their educational, physical and emotional needs. Our child sponsors have the opportunity to communicate with a child in the Good Samaritan Ministry and homes by sharing letters and pictures back and forth throughout each year.


Good Samaritan general sponsorship is also available. Our general sponsors' financial contribution provides support for all of the children and homes as a whole with no commitment of communication.


All sponsors are given the opportunity to travel to Haiti with a team to meet the children and see the homes. AWAKENHAITI invites sponsors to see first hand how their contribution is changing lives! For information on available trips, email [email protected].






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