Short-term Mission Trips


 AWAKENHAITI is a ministry that focuses on walking alongside people. As we walk alongside the Haitians we partner with and serve, we also desire to walk alongside you and provide you with opportunities to experience something new and perhaps experience God in a different way. Many of our team members come expecting to serve and minister to others, but find that they come back having received so much more!


 AWAKENHAITI is scheduling approximately four trips to Haiti per year. Trips can include:


•Visiting the Good Samaritan children and young adults

•Day trip with Good Samaritan children

•Providing medical or dental preventative care for the Good Samaritan Children

•Light construction/maintenance on AWAKENHAITI homes

•Visiting Belot (mountain village)

•Providing medical or dental care in Belot

•Light construction in Belot

•Leadership development in Belot

For information on our guesthouse accommodations, please visit our guesthouse page.


Visit our calendar of events for upcoming trip dates or for information about upcoming trips email [email protected]



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