Hurricane Matthew Relief

The affects of Hurricane Matthew could be catastrophic. The crisis is now in the aftermath. Many people living and serving full time in Haiti are saying this disaster is far worse than the earthquake of 2010 because so much livelihood has been lost. Not just homes have been lost. Farmland that produces much of the country's crops, livestock, and many water systems have been heavily affected. There is fear of famine, the death toll is rising as cholera is beginning to increase by large numbers, and other disease is likely to spread. Rain has continued to fall since the hurricane causing more flooding and mudslides in some areas. This all affects Haiti as a whole for months, possibly years to come.


AWAKENHAITI's efforts will be focused on our ministry areas first. Second, we will look to assist other organizations and areas in their efforts.


The Good Samaritan homes, children and families are all doing well and have no immediate needs. We are so thankful that this area was not hit hard by the hurricane. We will continue to assess needs as the economy could be affected in the coming months.


We are very happy to report that Canaan did not get hit very hard. A few lost the roof from their home but the people there are in good shape. All of the community buildings that were built through our teams and the Haitian crews are fine! These buildings are vital to God's kingdom advancing in Canaan, may it continue to advance!


**Please continue to pray for the people that are in very vulnerable situations.


**Please also consider giving to the relief and rebuilding efforts


100% of your hurricane relief donations will go toward this project and are tax deductible.


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