Building a Community.


AWAKENHAITI spent three years

(2010-2013) walking with people in the

Bethanie Community in Canaan,

Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Canaan was a

barren mountainside until the earthquake

 of 2010 when people relocated there

after losing homes, employment and

family & friends. Under the leadership

of Haitian Pastor Nathan, AWAKENHAITI

worked to help build a foundation from

which the community could rise up and

carry on their own.






From 2011-2013, AWAKENHAITI raised funds and built alongside local haitians:

  • A church building (church growth from 2010 -2015, 100 people to 700 people)
  • A kindergarten building
  • An elementary school building (school growth from 2010-2015, 50 students to 400 students)
  • A tool shed
  • An office building
  • An outdoor kitchen building
  • A well equipped medical & dental facility
  • 4 homes


AWAKENHAITI also provided many medical clinics, dental care, health care education, home visits to some in need, and prayer & spiritual support in the home visits and for those who visited the clinics.


In 2013, the Bethanie community was ready to carry on under their own leadership. AWAKENHAITI continues to make visits to the community and is very excited to see the growth in both the church and school and to see the community leading themselves. Furthermore, we are excited about the advancement of God's kingdom in the Bethanie Community!


AWAKENHAITI continues to make some homes visits occasionally offering prayer and spiritual support and encouragement.





In March 2015, AWAKENHAITI made a visit to a mountain top community called Belot. This beautiful area is full of farmland right up to the very top! The community of Belot has many uneducated people working hard everyday to provide for their families. There is no medical or dental care readily available to them. They have worked for five years as a community to raise enough money to begin the foundation and walls for a church and school building under the leadership of Pastor Reginald. Children are now attending school! The building though, needs to be finished as almost daily rain and wind prevents them from being able to fully develop ministry and an education system.


AWAKENHAITI is currently in conversations to learn the community’s vision and greatest needs. AWAKENHAITI is also seeking God’s direction in how this ministry can be part of establishing a foundation in Belot, while helping to meet significant needs so that the ministry of Christ can be carried out further into the community. Please be in prayer with us as we work out these details! We will continue to update this information as this area of ministry develops.


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